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Samsung DCS-408 4TRK Card
Item ID: DCS-408 4TRK
Condition: Refurbished
Description: Samsung DCS-408 4TRK Card   The 4TRK is a 4 CO Line Analogue Trunk Card. Designed to fit the Samsung DCS-408 Telephone System.   Features:...
$199.99 (ex GST)
In Stock: 0
Samsung DCS-408 Power Supply (New)
Item ID:
Condition: Brand New
Description: Samsung DCS-408 Power Supply (New)   This is the Power Supply unit designed to into the Samsung DCS-408 Telephone System   Power:
$99.99 (ex GST)
In Stock: 2
Samsung DCS-408i 2BRI Card
Item ID:
Condition: Refurbished
Description: Samsung DCS-408i 2BRI Card   The 2BRI is a 2 Port Basic Rate Interface card designed to fit the Samsung DCS-408i Telephone System. Features: 2 port...
$199.99 (ex GST)
In Stock: 1
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